Premium Server Racks

SSN Series

Nine-folded Profiled Server Rack

Product Description

Safe-well Server Rack providing cooling, power distribution, cable management, and environmental monitoring for application in IT environment.

● The frame is made of nine folds structure and welded by special 3-Tees.
● The whole configuration is firmed and the with the maximum 1200kg of the static load.
● High density vented single front door and splitde rear door make the vented area more than 78% of the door area.

Nine-folded Structure Server rack has high strength, the advantage of a large force, the limited space occupied beams.Heavy-duty welded steel ramp provides a safe method for unloading the cabinet from the pallet upon arrival at the installation site.

Credit : www.safewellcabinet.com

SNB Series

Standing Network Rack

Product Description

“Safewell Network Rack providing cooling, power distribution, cable management, and environmental monitoring for application in IT environment.”

● Most popular model in the market.
● Optional doors are available.
● 1/3 assembled original volume when knock down.
● Enough cabling space inside 800mm wide rack.
● Static loading capacity up to 800kg.

Safewell’s SNB series network rack specially designed for network servers of high density in IT environment. With accessories of bracket, cable manager, PDU fixing slot, high quality locks, supply safe place for important IT equipment.

Credit : www.safewellcabinet.com

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